Become a part of this beautiful imaginary world
and find your own Spooney

From childhood onwards Botas has been building his ideal world. From the first Spooney until today, every Spooney has been invented and made with his own hands. Every Spooney receives a piece of Botas' inspiration. There is only one original of every Spooney made. All Spooney’s are provided with a certificate with its own unique Spooney number.



Customised Spooney 

Can Botas also make a Spooney especially for me? Yes, he can. The only side note is that the custom-made Spooney must fit in Botas his ideal world. In most cases that is perfectly feasible.

Based on provided background information, Botas will empathize with the person for whom the Spooney is made for. The cost of a basic custom-made Spooney is € 150,-. Additional options determine the final price. Please note that the average waiting time is approximately 3 weeks.

Please complete the application form and Botas will contact you.

Below you see some examples of customized Spooney's: