Welcome in SpooneyWorld

A world conceived and created by the creator Botas

We are proud to present our first Special X-mas Spooney's 2021. This year there are 20 different Santa Spooney's. It is a Limited Edition.

With this special X-mas Spooney you can bring an extra bit of cosiness into your home during the Christmas season and enjoy this other world. Click here and find your X-mas Spooney's from 2021. Before you know it, you will have such a special and cheerful Santa Spooney at your Christmas tree.


Once started as a little boys dreamworld in the seventies. That little boy never expected that his world would grown into an independent company. A company where he is still working on creating that ideal world every day. Please enjoy your journey on this website and if you like, become part of this beautiful world by adopting one of his creations.